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Sam's Kirkcaldy is open Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 2.00 - 10.00pm
Sam's Dunfermline is opening August 20th
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Don't hesitate to drop into Sam's. You are sure of a warm welcome from Sam's team members that understand that you may be attending to relax, chat, access mental health support or access crisis support. We are here for the whole spectrum of mental health.

Sam's offers support with mental well being, crisis, emotions, life events and suicidal thoughts.

Sam's mental health and crisis support is available at Linton Lane Centre, Kirkcaldy...Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 2-10pm. Drop in anytime, Sam's is here for you... you do not have to go through things alone.

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Ok, you've been at Sam's...

What difference has coming to Sam's made for you? How has Sam's helped you?


Email: sams.cafe@samh.org.uk

Write: Sam's, SAMH, First House Woodmill Road, Dunfermline KY11 4SS

Complete contact form with your feedback

Your feedback about Sam's...how has attending Sam's supported you, what difference has Sam's made for you... what is it about Sam's that makes it unique and makes a difference? (use initials where asked for name...your email will not be used in any reports)




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Don't go through things alone, we are here for you.


You will be treated with understanding and a warm welcome to discuss issues.

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Sam's is united in it's difference from other support opportunities in the community. The team at Sam's are employed, professionally registered peer workers who use a framework and ethos to offer support with attendees.

The team are employed by the Scottish Association for Mental Health, a Scottish wide charity offering mental health support with the communities of Scotland. 

We work with people across the whole spectrum of mental health and offer support with suicidal thoughts. We have training and development to support people through suicide prevention inclusive of safe planning. We have frameworks and policies in place to safeguard people.

We can offer support with family, carers and friends. We fully recognise that Sam's can offer a holistic resource for everyone connected with someone experiencing mental health issues, as it does have an impact on other people's mental wellbeing as well.


We are available Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 2-10pm in Kirkcaldy and will be open 3-11pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun in Dunfermline in near future.

As a team we are supportive of the whole spectrum of people and groups offering support in Fife. Together we make a difference.

There Is No Them, There's Only Us...Fife Together

Together We Make a Difference

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Q. What is peer support?

A. Peer support workers at Sam's all have a lived experience of mental health issues and recovery. Peer workers offer support from the perspective of lived experience.

Q. Who employs Sam's workers?

A. The Scottish Association For Mental Health...SAMH

Q. Are peer workers qualified to support?

A. Peer team access SAMH learning and development, have considerable sector educational background, a values based approach and are registered as practitioners in the community sector. Empowered to practice as reflective practitioners with a lived experience of the mental health journey, inclusive of recovery.

Q. Costs?

A. There is no cost to attend Sam's

Q. Is Sam's a cafe with food and refreshments?

A. It is a recovery cafe model rather than a working cafe, although free tea and coffee are available.

Sam's...a respectful space for all

Sam's is a safe, welcoming space where you can just be...knowing that it is ok to just be.

We support people aged 16 years plus

We believe in the potential of crisis as learning opportunities and work with people through crisis.

We can live such testing, stressful and emotional lives these days, Sam's offers a space to explore emotions with people who can understand. It is a space you can just drop in, anytime...there are no set appointments or referral forms. 



 Sam's is a safe respectful space  
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