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Sam's is open seven days a week across Fife...12 noon-8pm
Kirkcaldy Mon & Fri | Dunfermline Thurs & Sun | Leven Tues, Wed & Sat | Burntisland Thurs |

We offer support with mental health, crisis support, challenging thoughts, suicidal thoughts. At Sam's the support is free of cost, accessible and available evenings and weekends. Peer Workers at Sam's are employed and trained with SAMH...the Scottish Association For Mental Health.

Sam's Dunfermline- one to one support

No referral required, drop in anytime, for people aged 16 years plus (no longer in school education)

Sam's Dunfermline- Drop in

Thursday and Sunday          

12 noon - 8pm


For further information telephone: 07725 214012


dunfermline 1

Sam's Dunfermline

First House

Woodmill Road


KY11 4SS

Tel: 07725214012 (no texting available)

At Sam's We Believe In Making A Difference

Sam's Dunfermline is a relaxed, open and safe space for people to drop in and have a chat with the peer workers. The peers are all employed team members with the Scottish Association for Mental Health-SAMH.

You are assured of a warm welcome by people who understand how it feels, through their own lived experience of walking through the doors of support on their own mental health journey.

We use the word journey to encompass all the experiences that we as a team bring to our peer roles in Sam's. Within the team there is experience of mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, accessing support services to name but a few past life experiences, that can not necessarily be learned through traditional education. This is what makes Sam's distinctive, it is peer led by people who can offer support from the perspective of lived experience.

As a team we access SAMH and mental health specific learning and development. All and all what you can expect at Sam's is a respectful space with people who truly listen to what you are expressing and support you to move forward with what is important to you.


When we started as a team in Fife, we knew what we wanted to achieve...we wanted to make a difference. 

It is fair to state that some teams never really understand what brings them together through challenging days when perhaps funding is tight, support increases, outside factors rip at the fabric of the project. 

Not with Sam's, we have always known the potential of peer support to make a difference and this view has not changed, we also know the potential resiliency of people, of families, of groups and community. 

This is the strength of the peer support at Sam's...we treat people as people, with all the potential that each person brings and their own lived experiences. The best person to know what is going to work for you is indeed you. We support by offering suggestions, strategies, challenge by role modeling the potential of living a meaningful and purposeful life alongside mental health issues. 

Uniquely the team at Sam's can role model acceptance and a lived coming to terms that perhaps the mental health issues may be a factor in one's life moving forward however does not have to define one's life.

At Sam's when people are talking about all the labels associated with mental ill health...we gently remind the individual of their name and remind them they are still Paul, Mary, Sue, Ronan...they are still dad, sister, friend, customer. Mental health issues are a part of everyone's life...we all have mental health, at Sam's we recognise this completely and know that peer support can offer an avenue for anyone experiencing what life throws our way.

With Sam's you are part of a community, whether this be attending Sam's or knowing that Sam's is there for times you may want to drop in. It can be contributing to Sam's with ideas, articles, feedback, raising awareness and being an advocate of peer support at Sam's.

Sam's is down to earth, honest support that people can depend on and relate to. It is flexible and accessible at a time that you choose. Sam's will grow and develop because we involve your ideas in taking Sam's forward...genuinely you are part of the Sam's community and not simply using a service.

Fife is leading the way with mental health support and one of the foundation stones of this is Sam's peer support. Sam's is scaffolding peer support around community development and providing a platform for lived experience to help build flourishing communities for Fifers.

Sam's is a 16 years plus project.

Established in April 2019...

...At Sam's we believe in making

a difference, we believe in the 

potential for working towards a

mentally flourishing Fife with a 

support approach that is down

to earth, understandable and 

is a drop in-with no need for

an appointment. We listen,

we care and we offer 

support from a lived experience

perspective.No one needs to go

through mental health issues alone...

pop in and lets have a chat.

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 The Sam's Team Believe In Making A Difference 
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